Considerare tutti ascoltando una minoranza.
Auf eine Minderheit hören, um jeden zu erreichen. Reaching inclusion considering a minority.
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September 2017

New functionality tests…


Each time I show the bag to someone that never saw it before it's surprising! This because everyone grabs and use it in a different way. That's the moment when discussions start and bring out new ideas. Thanks to everyone helps me improve this product and challenges my creativity!


August 2017



Fotoshooting for GENTEEL WHEEL by modexign


Genteel Wheels's trousers and jeans collection is designed to fit the specific needs of wheelchair users. Gentle Wheel provide confortable and contemporary fashion for everyday life. More on

Thanks to Sandra Salzgeber and Felice Mastrovita


May 2017


April 2017



Una Vetrina per il Design Ticinese

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December 2016


Design for ability

 Recently a wrote an article for the Hochparterre Campusblog about Design for people with different abilities. Link to the blog

January 2017


Improving details…

I am working on several details to improve comfort and functionality of the bag. Here a few pictures of...


February 2017



From the book «Make design matter» by David Carlson

German edition:

Design oder nicht sein, Midas Collection, 2016.

March 2017


In his journal René Redzepi* ask himself what CREATIVITY is.

 * René Redzepi is a Danish chef and co-owner of the Restaurant Noma.

René Redzepi: A Work in Progress

London, Phaidon Press Limited, 2013.

March 2016


A change of perspective…

For my Bachelor degree I'm working on an object for people in wheelchair. Develop empathy with the user through real experience is important to create something that really works.

July 2016



For the life on wheels

A disability and the related needs can inspire new Products. Trasporta is a product for wheelchair users inspired by wheelchair users.

July 2016 



For the life on wheels

Nominee for the

SDA Bachelor Award 2016

September 2016



in a different light

Photo credits:

Atelier foto fmp, Sven Stoppani, 2016