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Oktober 2018.

Trasportaprojekt. Looking for models.

April 2018.

Trasportaprojekt reality check.

One of the feedbacks. 

Peter says:

«Questa borsa ha sostituito il cestino della spesa.»

«Diese Tasche hat mein Einkaufskorb ersetzt.»

«This bag has replaced my shopping basket.»

March 2018. 

The Trasportaprojekt's design process is supported by Ikea Foundation Switzerland

August 2017.

Trasporta bag development. Does it work for everyone?

Trasporta bag testing.


Reaching inclusion considering a minority.
Considerare tutti ascoltando una minoranza.

Auf eine Minderheit hören, um jeden zu erreichen.

Each time I show the bag to someone that never saw

it before it's surprising! This because everyone grabs and use it in a different way. That's the moment when discussions start and bring out new ideas. Thanks to everyone helps me improve this product and challenges my creativity!